Corporate Trustee & Fiduciary Services

Corporate Trustee & Fiduciary Services

FST has over 40 years of experience providing fiduciary services and we value the trust that has been placed with us. Utilizing the trust document as the governing instrument, our professionals customize the administration and management of your assets. Additionally, our strategic alliances with leading financial services firms allow clients to have the best of both worlds – combining world class wealth management with the professional trust administration services of FST. This advisor-friendly model enables clients to continue working with their investment advisor while FST handles the administration and oversight of the trust.

Corporate trustees act as independent decision-makers among your family members. FST has experienced personnel available to evaluate a difficult situation, mediate disputes between beneficiaries, and deliver unbiased solutions in a professional, dispassionate manner. As a corporate fiduciary, we are not subject to the personal pressure that family members often encounter when making sensitive decisions. In addition, as a privately owned, independent trust company, we are only interested in serving the best interests of our clients and their beneficiaries.

Services for Personal Trusts

How To Get Started / Resources

Click here for a list of Attorneys to Assist with Drafting, Modifying or Decanting your Trust in Delaware.

Click here for language to Add First State Trust as a Successor Trustee in your Trust Document.

Click here for Information on How to Get Started Appointing FST as a Corporate Trustee for your trust(s).


Considering a Corporate Trustee?

Many individuals do not understand the fiduciary duty involved with being a trustee. Not to mention the personal time and burden involved in properly managing trust affairs. A professional corporate trustee can give you the peace of mind that your wishes and directions are being carried out objectively and faithfully. Click here for Reasons to Consider a Corporate Trustee.