When FSTC is acting as an administrative-only or “directed” corporate trustee, certain functions including investment oversight and in some cases, discretionary distribution decisions, could be delegated to another advisor. Delaware has long been known as the center of the personal trust world. Delaware trusts have clear advantages which are not usually available in other states, including:

  • Greater Confidentiality
  • Protection from creditor claims
  • In Perpetuity Ability
  • Investment Flexibility
  • Delaware Court of Chancery Advantage
  • Tax Savings and lower administrative costs

It is for these reasons that almost every major institutional trustee is either based in Delaware or has offices to provide trust services there. FSTC is a Delaware chartered trust company, located in Wilmington, Delaware, just steps away from the Court of Chancery. FSTC provides directed corporate trustee and administration services for Delaware Directed Trusts, including Review & Interpretation of Governing Document, Principal & Income Accounting, Discretionary and Mandatory Distribution Processing, Annual Tax Preparation & Filing, and Trust Officer Support.

Click here for our Services Brochure which contains information on FSTC's services for Delaware Directed Trusts.


Considering a Corporate Trustee?

Many individuals do not understand the fiduciary duty involved with being a trustee.  Not to mention the personal time and burden involved in properly managing trust affairs.  A professional corporate trustee can give you the peace of mind that your wishes and directions are being carried out objectively and faithfully.  Click here for Reasons to Consider a Corporate Trustee.